The office of lawyer Wojciech Michalik deals with lawyer’s practice, covering
services rendered to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. The
complex legal aid covers issues concerning civil law, business law,
administrative law and criminal law.

The services offered to our Clients concern individual counseling, out-of-court
representation (for example in negotiations and mediations), representation in
court proceedings and in enforcement of court decisions.

The court representation covers appearance in courts of general jurisdiction,
the Supreme Court, administrative courts, prosecutor’s offices and other
relevant authorities.

In addition to the above, my specialization covers:


  • seeking damages for personal injuries, damages to property, transport
    accidents (also abroad), accident on farms, medical errors, accidents at work,
    occupational diseases,
  • representation in civil and criminal proceedings connected with transport
    accidents, crimes against safety in transport (including driver’s insobriety),
  • all issues related to running a business both on individual and corporate

Together with the Lawyer’s Office team we provide full service both in the
pre-court stage and in the proceedings in court. We run cases all over Poland
and we also run cases seeking damages in the EU countries.

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My experience in the above specialization comes from over 14 years of legal practice, including my work as a lawyer since 2010.

In my work I cooperate with experienced lawyers, public notaries, tax advisors, patent agents, surveyors, experts in accident reconstruction and certified translators, as well as with other lawyer’s offices and legal counsel offices all over Poland and in Europe.

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